V&A Dundee pop up


Open 10am – 6pm Thursday – Monday at V&A Dundee 

We’re serving hot fresh donuts, toasted bagels, mulled wine, hot spiced rum and apple, hot sloe gin and apple, award winning coffee and other feel good festive goodies. Check out some of our press in The Daily Record, The Scotsman and The Evening Telegraph

Value is found in memories not money, happiness is stored in experiences, satisfaction can be measured in mouthfuls, and the sound of a good life is laughter



We’re Melodie and Chris, the owners of Heather Street Food. Since we met we’ve barely spent a day apart. Working together and building Heather Street Food has been an amazing adventure. We got engaged last November and we’re saving up for our dream wedding in Perugia in Italy, where we’d love to hire a small rustic villa with views over the hills and eat tomatoes and mozzarella with friends and family. Food and drink is our passion, hopefully you can try some of what we make one day.