Drinky Malinky Mobile Bar

Drinky Malinky is our popular rustic mobile bar for weddings and events. Click for pricing or to see more.
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Value is found in memories not money, happiness is stored in experiences, satisfaction can be measured in mouthfuls, and the sound of a good life is laughter



Heather street food. One passion, three experiences:

We’re Melodie and Chris. After more than a decade of experience at the top-end of Scottish hospitality we set up Heather Street Food, serving our favourite feel-good food and drink for you to enjoy at weddings, festivals, and events. Drinky Malinky is our beautiful mobile bar made up of a Piaggio Ape and seperate rustic wooden bars serving beer, prosecco, cocktails, spirits, wine and soft drinks. Stovie Co. is the name of our gourmet stovies brand making Arbroath Smokie stovies and 3 hour slow cooked steak stovies. Joy Gelato is the name of our ice cream.